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Online tools and resources

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A wide aray of promotional, awareness and intervention tools offered free of charge throughout Quebec

Informing the population and sensitizing our clientele to the reality of intimate partner violence (IPV) is a way to take action and counter IPV in our communities.

Available in 11 languages

Frequently asked questions

The Tools section of this website contains numerous articles as well as intervention tools and testimonials from victims, family members and interveners. We invite you to explore this section to learn more about the issue and the best way to help those who are confronted with it.

SOS services are available in both French and English at all times. French and English speaking deaf people can also reach us through Bell Relay services at any time. In addition, several of our counsellors offer services in other languages including Spanish, Arabic and Italian. These services are available when these workers are present. The interveners can also put the caller in touch with an intervener who speaks his or her language in the intimate partner violence resource network.

Chat, text and email services may be available in multiple languages as required. Translation tools or translators are then used to translate the SOS counsellor's response into the person's language. However, additional time may be required.


There are many ways to get involved and support our mission!

You can join us on social networks, on Facebook and Instagram, and share our awareness and promotional tools.

You can spread the word about our services by distributing SOS promotional material in your organization, your workplace, your union, your neighbourhood, etc., via our order form.

You can make a donation to SOS or ask your friends for donations on the occasion of your birthday via the Paypal Giving fund platform.

Of course! Our services are also offered to workers who have victims of intimate partner violence in their clientele. We frequently receive requests from psycho-social counsellors and therapists, police officers, nurses, doctors, etc. to whom we offer intervention support and help in finding resources (housing or other) for their clients.

SOS violence conjugale also offers many tools for awareness, training and intervention in the area of intimate partner violence. To learn about all that we can offer, explore the Tools section of this website.

I am not in Quebec

If your situation takes place outside of Quebec, consult our list of canadian and international resources.

Resources outside Quebec
Contact a worker

How to erase your browsing history?

When you browse the Internet on a computer, tablet or cell phone, your activities are automatically recorded by the browser you are using (explorer, safari, firefox, chrome, etc.). Unfortunately, this means that your partner could track all the sites you have visited, by consulting your browsing history . It is possible to erase the traces of your passage on our website. We advise you to consult this page to learn how to do so. 

In certain situations, it may be preferable to consult our website on a device to which your partner does not have access: at a friend's, at the office, in a public library, etc. Your safety is important.