Interactive questionnaire

Are there violent behaviours in my relationship?

Twenty five questions to identify if different forms of intimate partner violence are present in your relationship with your partner or ex-partner.


How is this useful?

  • 1

    To explore your situation objectively

  • 2

    To put words on your reality

  • 3

    To help someone take a step back

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How to erase your browsing history?

When you browse the Internet on a computer, tablet or cell phone, your activities are automatically recorded by the browser you are using (explorer, safari, firefox, chrome, etc.). Unfortunately, this means that your partner could track all the sites you have visited, by consulting your browsing history . It is possible to erase the traces of your passage on our website. We advise you to consult this page to learn how to do so. 

In certain situations, it may be preferable to consult our website on a device to which your partner does not have access: at a friend's, at the office, in a public library, etc. Your safety is important.