Testimonials 110

We have the right to be happy, we have the right to have a real smile on our face, we have the right to feel good! We're strong, we're beautiful and, above all, we're capable! We have the right to laugh, to go for walks, to shop as we please, to have our own personal belongings, to have a cell phone without constant surveillance. We have the right not to want sex, even if our partner does! WE HAVE THE RIGHT NOT TO BE AFRAID IN OUR OWN HOME!
  • Woman
  • 24 years old
My daughter was experiencing a lot of emotional abuse from her partner. Every time I wanted to talk to her about it, she would shut me out or change the subject. It made me very angry because I could clearly see the hold he had on her. Plus, she wouldn't call me or if we talked, it would only last a few minutes. She rarely came to see me, and I missed her and my grandson. I felt helpless. I didn't know what to do anymore. I was so worried. I saw a poster about SOS violence conjugale at the CLSC and I took the chance to call them. I received support from the worker. She put me in contact with a counsellor, with whom I was able to talk about the situation and she helped me a lot.
  • Woman
  • 68 years old
  • Psychological violence, Isolation
I was worried about my little sister. She was about to turn down a job opportunity because her boyfriend didn't want her to work there because his ex worked in the same building. I didn't know what to do... it was a colleague who suggested I call SOS for help. It helped me to respect my sister's choice, to understand that she was doing what was best for her in the here and now. But I won't hide the fact that it's hard to do.
  • Economic violence
I was very worried about my mother and sisters. I had learned from one of them that our mother was experiencing psychological and verbal abuse from my stepfather. I tried to talk to her about it, but she wouldn't tell me anything and shut down. I knew I couldn't force her, but at the same time I was concerned about my sisters who were living in this toxic environment. I called 811 and they referred me to SOS violence conjugale. I spoke with to a counsellor and I was able to receive support, but also information about intimate partner violence. When I saw my mother again, I was able to apply the counsellor's advice and my mother confided in me. I called SOS again with her and we found a shelter for her and my sisters.
Yesterday, my best friend lent me her phone to do some research while she went to the counter to order food... and her partner started texting her... and what I read worried me. I saw threats, and disrespect. He demanded to know where she was, and why she didn't call him right away when he asked her to. When my friend came back, I showed her the messages and she became extremely nervous. She took her phone back and started to text him. 10 minutes later she said she had a stomach ache and that she needed to go home . But I think her partner demanded that she go home.
  • Harassment
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