Testimonials 102

When he was angry with me in the car, he started driving fast and hard. He hit the steering wheel, he kicked the gas pedal... it was terrifying. I was always afraid that he would eventually lose control of the car and cause us to have an accident. When the kids were in the car with us, it was even worse for me... I still have nightmares about it.
  • Woman
  • 67 years old
  • Emotional violence, Indirect physical violence
He forced me to prostitute myself. It happened gradually... he had debts, they became our debts... He convinced me to do it once... then twice... then every day or almost every day. I never thought it would ever happen to me.
  • Man
  • 25 years old
  • Economic violence, Sexual violence
I found out that he had put a tracking application on my cell phone to monitor my movements. When I stumbled upon the application by chance, and realized that he was monitoring me, I confronted him. He tried to make me believe that I had given my consent and that I didn't remember. I didn't believe him... but I almost did. How can you be sure in a situation like that????
  • Woman
  • 19 years old
  • Psychological violence, Technological violence
While we were together, if I disciplined our child, he would intervene over me to say things like «don't listen to her, she doesn't know what she's talking about». After our separation, he would tell him about our fights and denigrate me to my son. As a result, it was my son himself who told the social worker and other professionals (including a judge) that I was unreliable and that I didn't know how to take care of him...
  • Woman
  • 40 years old
  • Violence by proxy, Post-separation violence
He started to make comments when I went shopping, telling me that I didn't "respect the budget", for as little as 10 dollars (and we could afford it), until finally telling me that I would not go shopping anymore and confiscating my credit card. In my exhaustion, I said to myself "very well, one less thing to deal with" a well-deserved break...no need to go shopping with three children yay....
  • Woman
  • 40 years old
  • Economic violence
I woke up in the middle of the night and he was... he had started «making love»... if you can call it love. It happened several times. He said that I had asked him «in my sleep»... I found out much later that it was rape.
  • Woman
  • 23 years old
  • Sexual violence
I've never been physically abused... or even verbally abused. Everything was subtle... angry stares... sighs... silences... absences... infidelity... extreme tension as soon as I didn't «submit». It was heavy, so heavy. The children also felt it, I saw them «crushed» in front of their father... it broke my heart. It lasted 28 years. I had 3 «depressions» which I understand today as exhaustion in the face of all the heaviness I carried day after day. I sometimes hoped that he would hit me... at least then I would have been certain that it was violence.
  • Woman
  • 62 years old
  • Psychological violence, Emotional violence
It was winter, in the evening, I went out to put the garbage bags on the side of the street without putting on my coat. When I came back home, the door was locked.. I was really cold. Half an hour later I saw him in the second floor window with my 12-year-old son... he was laughing. I ended up digging in the snow to find the emergency key... I got severe frostbite on both hands. I never left the house again without my keys in my pockets after that. Years later, when he was an adult, my son told me how guilty, he felt for not standing up to his father that night. At 38, he was crying out in rage and fear.
  • Woman
  • 71 years old
  • Indirect physical violence, Consequences of violence
We were getting ready to go to my office Christmas party. He didn't want to go. We were in the bathroom. He grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me in front of the mirror. He held me there with his hands and his body pressed behind my back and told me to look at myself, that I had put on make-up like a «slut». I told him that I had put on my make-up exactly as usual. I begged him to stop, but he just kept going and going. He whispered in my ear that I was trying to impress someone, that I was «cruising» my colleagues. I was crying, my makeup was running and he was laughing. No matter how many times I told him it wasn't true, he kept going. He didn't hold me hard enough to bruise me, but just enough so that I couldn't leave. I ended up yelling at him and I scratched his hand, trying to get him to let go of me. He let me go and called me «crazy bitch». I didn't want to go to the party anymore, but he insisted on going. I had to redo my makeup because it was all ruined. I put on less makeup than usual after all, I didn't want it to start again. When we got to the party, I was just extremely depressed and stressed and I didn't dare talk to my male colleagues. He, on the contrary, talked to everyone. Later in the evening, a colleague came up to me and told me that he was showing everyone his scratch, and that he was asking them how they found me at the office, because I was aggressive at home...
  • Woman
  • 41 years old
  • Emotional violence, Violence by proxy, Physical violence
Back when we were in the red zone, we weren't allowed to invite people into the house... but since my opinion counts zero in the balance he didn't care... there were 15 of them in the basement at one point and he forced me to stay with them... I was afraid someone had Covid and would cause an outbreak, I was afraid to catch it, there were real risks... and I was afraid we would get caught too... it was extremely stressful.
  • Woman
  • 56 years old
  • Psychological violence, Indirect physical violence
I felt inadequate all the time, stressed out, worried about what he would think of what I was wearing, what I was saying, the way I was moving, the way I was breathing. I was always afraid because he would react abruptly or harshly towards me, over a host of tiny little details. I tried to think of everything but I could never succeed, there was always something. It was so stressful. I'd never been a particularly anxious person before, but I became a nervous wreck... and even that he blamed me for.
  • Woman
  • 39 years old
  • Psychological violence, Consequences of violence
We start making love and he asks me to do something he knows I don't want to do. When I refuse, he quickly gets upset, he shouts, he calls me a "bitch" and accuses me of cheating on him... Later, he puts blankets on the floor for me to sleep on... like a real bitch.
  • Woman
  • 19 years old
  • Psychological violence, Sexual violence
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